How it all began.

May 2001!! 

I have been involved in woodworking for almost 20 years, spending the last 11 years, in high end Stairways and Fireplace Mantels, Free Standing Curve stairways, and turned column oak mantels, of all kinds. 

Craftsmanship was a gift passed on to me from God and My grandfather, who was skilled in making Violins, or fiddles as he liked to call them. I remember as a very young child, the toe tappin music the family played. 

In essence a duck call is a musical Instrument, and when played correctly will have them dancing to your tune.. Awhile back, I asked a question. The question was, How do you build the business end of a duck call? Which would be the insert as most of you know. When I posed this question, it was my Intention to make a couple duck calls to give to my friends, only the answer I got was, (You can’t make a duck call!!!) 

For those that know me it was the wrong thing to do. Having a very competitive nature, and a Gift for working wood, it became an obsession of mine to complete the task, of making the very best duck call I possibly could. With the emphasis on making a call that veteran duck hunters and amateurs alike would want to have on their lanyard. 

A call that has all the marks of making the most realistic duck sound’s, yet is a beauty to behold. I am a perfectionist by nature. When I involve both body and mind, in a project the ultimate goal shall be ultimate success. I won’t accept anything less!!! I have spent countless Hours in research and development, and at times, felt like pulling my hair out. 

To make a call that sounds good, has indeed been a greater challenge than I wish to admit. The difference between good and bad being merely thousandths of an inch, not possible for the human eye to see. It is a feeling that comes over you when you know it is right. 

I believe all the truly great call makers have a God given gift, they just seem to know when it is right, when one more stroke of the file will ruin all there hard work... 

Duck hunting is a passion! In which at times it seems I have no control but it controls me. Those hooked on this sport, it seems cannot get over there excitement for watching a flock of ducks react to a call , cup there wings, and light at there feet. 

The chills run up my spine at the sight’s I see in my mind, remembering back to the days in season, when thousands of ducks, wave after wave, want in your little spot of the world. The sights and sounds, the one duck who decides from a mile high he wants down and he wants down NOW, he tucks his wing’s and comes down like a bullet, only to throw one wing out at 100 feet off the water do a couple flips and catch his self just before he hits the water. 

Kinda makes ya want to let him go, for he has provided you with the thrill, you came for. It’s about bein with your buds sharing some time together,it is an adventure to say the least as most of you know… 

"Back in the day", they made duck calls, that were works of art. Hundreds of different shapes and styles. Usually determined only by the makers own style, what he chose to do. There success was determined, on two points, sound and beauty, not many have succeeded at both, and the same is true today. 

It is my Hope that I will have accomplished both in YOUR eyes and ears.. 

Thank You for your continued support for all these years!

 Skip Doty